Quote about Happiness….

“If you are happy, your kind and caring,

And will love to do lots of sharing.

Without happiness, without light, 

You will not have a good life.

It’s not hard to be happy,

but it is if you’re sappy.

If you laugh and giggle,

It shows the insides of a tickle.

If your happy and kind,

you will have a better mind.”


“So choose to be happy, and not to be sappy.”


A quote by Indie H-S


About me

Hi everyone,

My name is Indie. I am eleven years old and live in Australia, Adelaide. I am in year 6. I live with my two sisters and My parents. I love dogs and I also love to do lifesaving. I have a dog called Monte. She is 14 weeks old and loves to play. I live down on the beach and I love the ocean. It calms me down and takes away my worries. My favourite food is Mexican burritos and Indian chicken curry’s. They are both Delicious. My favourite sport is touch footy. I only just started it but it is great! I love to read and my favourite book is nevermore. I would definitely recommend it for ages from 10-13. It’s a great book.

Can’t wait to read everyone’s blogs.

Thanks, Indie

“Difficult roads will often lead to beautiful places”



My teacher in year one

My first teacher in year one at Wilderness was Mrs Trengrove. Mrs Trengrove was sweet, lovely and made learning really fun. Mrs Trengrove is now called Mrs Racliff since she got married and had a child. Mrs Trengrove was a great teacher and convinced everyone to try their hardest. She encouraged me to be kind and caring to everyone loved being in her class. Mrs Trengrove loved reading us ‘The magic faraway tree.’ I was really inspired by Miss Trengrove’s passion for reading and I’m now a keen reader too!

I have completed the hundred-word writing challenge!

Written by Indie

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 100-word writing challenge